DOSBox emulates an old DOS PC and, in my opinion, is the definitive emulator for PC games that still require MS-DOS as the operating system.

Since I use DOSBox often and regularly, I create a new binary from the code soon after a new version of it is released on SourceForge: An untouched version and one that contains numerous patches with improvements that have been created by various users in the DOSBox forum on Therefor I called this version “Enhanced Community Edition”, ECE for short. The VOGONS community also is the place to go when you’re looking for help or if you have a problem with or a question about DOSBox.

Currently, the ECE differs from normal DOSBox in the following features:

A short overview of the integrated patches can also be found in a text file in the corresponding downloads below. Older versions can be found in the “archive” folder.

About the currently unavailabe pixel perfect option: Because several people asked: The last version of DOSBox ECE so far that had pixel perfect scaling working was r4301, here are the direct download links:

DOSBox ECE r4301DOSBox ECE r4301
source codesource code

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