DOSBox ECE r4271: Updated 3Dfx emulation and even more compressed audio formats supported (Windows only atm)

While the devs of DOSBox have been busy, also the authors of some of the patches used in ECE weren’t lazy. VOGONS user “kjliew” posted an update of his enhanced 3Dfx patch, which combines the patches originally created by kekko and gulikoza, offering even more ways of emulating a Voodoo card now. While kekkos patch includes an internal wrapper that “translates” 3Dfx calls to OpenGL ones, gulikozas patch passes 3Dfx calls through to an external wrapper like nglide or dgvoodoo2, offering more options to adjust the image to your liking.. Please note that, depending on the method you prefer, you might need different OVL files in DOSBox, please refer to this post in the vogons forum for more information.

VOGONS user krcroft updated his patch for CD audio replacement, again it uses the newest versions of the various decoders for WAV, OGG, OPUS, MP3 and FLAC. Additionally, the wave decoder now supports a new file format as a replacement for CD audio music: Wave64, basically common wave files with a 64 Bit header, allowing for files larger than 2 GB. I can’t think of any practical use for DOSBox ECE as of now, but who knows, someone might actually find one yet.

You might have noticed that the Linux version hasn’t been updated since some revisions. That’s because I still couldn’t get the new 3Dfx patch compiled under Linux, but I’m on it and hope to resolve this problem soon.

As alays, you can find the most recent files on the download page. Have fun!